1. Mental illnesses are the worst illnesses in the world and I dearly wish they would relinquish their grip on humanity, myself included.


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    2. The Giant


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    My TV tray reminded me of something…

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  5. Not knitwear, but Mrs Briggs chooses the most inappropriate lapel badge for a funeral
    Welcome to Knit Peaks: Twin Peaks Knitwear


  6. Guy I knew of vaguely at uni as a friend of a friend has written an article on Twin Peaks and it’s good but I kinda think his conclusion is wrong and that it’s wrong to think the power of Twin Peaks was lost with the solving of Laura’s murder because at the end of the day that ‘solving’ precipitated the entire arc with trying to work out who or what Bob is and who or what the Black Lodge is. Plus Windom.


  7. In another surprise move by one of the show’s co-creators, Mark Frost revealed today that he has been working on a Twin Peaks novel called The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks that reveals “what happened to the people of that iconic fictional town since we last saw them 25 years ago”. It also offers “a deeper glimpse into the central mystery that was only touch on by the original series.”

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    Special Agent Audrey Horne

    so when they announced the new season of twin peaks last week, i saw a lot of people speculating about which characters would return and what they’d be like 25 years later. but my favorite idea by far came from mordicaifeed, who dreamed up SPECIAL AGENT AUDREY HORNE.

    imagine!!! a young audrey, hoping to win the love and trust of agent dale cooper, begins trying to solve crimes. eventually she realizes she just really loves to solve crime. so she joins the FBI, starts wearing skirt suits with her bowler shoes and red nail polish, and becomes a special agent. very take-no-shit, kind of like an early version of scully. maybe they worked together. anyway. this is my new favorite thing. 

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  9. GUYS GUYS GUYS some kind soul has put the tapes audio on Youtube!
    It’s all in parts but eeep super excited to listen to these


  10. OK so I’m now Googling Twin Peaks trivia and according to one source if you work it out then Miss Twin Peaks takes place on the 26th March 


    *X Files music plays*