1. Never a truer word spoken goddammit

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  2. Is Californication any good? Updating my Netflix to watch list now my summer is working and sleeping and watching TV.

  5. She scares me more than words can say.
    Welcome to Knit Peaks: The Twin Peaks Knitwearniverse

  6. This is too cute!!!!
    Audrey Horne by dsoloud

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  7. Seeing as the BluRay is out tomorrow (which PS does anybody want to buy me it and a BluRay player and potentially a TV; I’m simply a poor waitress) I thought I’d blog all the knitwear from FWWM over the next couple of days. I think this grotty cardigan is my ultimate fave.
    Welcome to Knit Peaks: Twin Peaks Knitwear


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  9. Let’s all talk about how Dana Scully is an awesome fucking amazing strong female character shewonder