1. Google Twin Peaks knitwear and see who has the top spot
    (Srsly though normal Knit Peaks service will resume soon when I actually get back to where my laptop and my extensive archive of knitwear related screen caps is)

  2. Just remembered this and died inside with laughter again. Seriously, if you’ve not seen it, some wonderful person has changed the music on the Man from Another Place dancing and it is ridiculously hilarious. He don’t want no scrubs.
    thelittlemandances on Youtube

  3. london-to-nowhere:

    That’s four words, my friend, 

    Overcome by love for Audrey’s dress that I lost all ability to count obviously haha.

    (Source: twinpeakssecrets.co.vu)

  4. Hey guys, sorry I’ve been slightly absent recently; major depression issues and I lost my newish job because I was off sick for a week with it which sucks but I don’t really care.
    Anyway I’ve been cheering myself up this morning aside from lying in bed eating junk food and watching Louis Theroux by rereading my research on my great-great-great aunt Hilda, who was an English suffragette. Here’s a collection of some things I’ve found on her, she was pretty kick-ass; she threw bricks and burnt down a hotel (NB the hotel was shut for refurbishment so nobody was hurt). Her and her mate Florence also used to bicycle about in the country and sit in fields having picnics looking like lovely well-to-do ladies … then they’d shove phosphorus in haystacks and get the fuck out before the haystacks combusted.
    The last picture is a thing my Mum found on Ebay, an autograph book somebody was selling with suffragette’s signatures in it when they were in prison. She’s copied out a poem 
    "She sits within a prison cell
    Despised and splendid, great, defamed
    Shame close about her and withal
    Shameless and unashamed”
    And underneath are the times she served in prison. She was the first and last British suffragette to be force fed.
    It’s so weird looking at it, knowing that she wrote it when she was in a horrible place campaigning for something that I so take for granted, the fact that I have the same right as any man to walk into a polling station and participate in democracy. She didn’t give up and didn’t let anything stop her until women had got that democratic right. 
    After women got the vote she settled down and got married and nobody really spoke about her past; we had no idea as her ancestors until a historian approached my grandfather researching a book he was writing about her. We have the book now and in it are transcripts of her trials including after she burnt down the hotel, she shouts such wonderful things as “Don’t call me a female, call me a lady! It’s more becoming!” and sang the Marseillaise. Pretty awesome.


  5. c4utopia:


    Utopia is a brilliant show with a lot of international fans, so if we want our viewings to count and help it get the ratings it deserves it is important that we watch it from on 4oD (4 on Demand), Channel 4’s official site.

    Unfortunately, 4oD is not available…

    Also heads up Season 1 has just been added to UK Netflix so if you’re a Netflix user you can do the same with Hola (4oD has ad breaks and can be glitchy as fuck and gets pissy with you if you have AdBlock installed)

  6. welcometotwinpeaks:

    Beaker and Janice as deputy Andy Brennan and Lucy Moran: http://twin.pk/whokilledmisspiggy http://ift.tt/1mzS3u8 via http://ift.tt/OF8QRD


  8. backslides said: OMG MY DREAM BLOG! so happy to have found this!!

    I’m happy too! Yay! :3 


  9. a-little-counter-esperanto said: So I bought the Twin Peaks Blu-Ray box set, and the knitwear is even more vivid and glorious than it wss in the original episodes!!! FANTASTIC.

    *silently sobs at lack of money and Blu-Ray player*

Audrey at One Eyed Jacks

Don’t cry, princess. You’ll streak your alabaster doll face.


  10. larsvontrilli0nare said: Has it ever been discussed about Bobby and his friend Mike sharing the same name as BOB and MIKE? Like was that ever going to be a thing?

    Yes! I posted about this a while ago, musing whether BOB and MIKE’s influence over the town of Twin Peaks was so strong that it influenced the boys’ parents to name their children after them. 
    Otherwise I might say that it could have been originally intended as a red herring; after Cooper has his dream he tells Lucy and Harry about it and Lucy gasps in her fabulous Lucy way “Mike and BOBBY?” So maybe they were going to go further with that and just decided not to because the mystery of seeing BOB and not knowing if he is real or not is a lot more tense.